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Registration for the Spring 2023 Fashion Challenge Guide is now open!!!

Click the link below to register for the Polished Plaid Spring 2023 Fashion Challenges!!!!

Registration and the pdf guide is available  now for $29. 
The challenge will officially begin on April 17th, 2023.


Our winter challenge will, as usual, have two versions of each outfit - Melissa with her work-appropriate outfit and Kelli in her at-home casual - so you can choose the style that will reflect your day. Or you can mix and match pieces from each version to create a unique outfit that suits your individual style or mood. Each morning, we post our daily selfies in our private Facebook group so you can see the prompts on real people. For $29, you will receive a PDF guide detailing 60+ outfits, shopping lists and links, and entry to the most amazing and supportive Facebook group ❤️

The first day of the challenge will be April 17
th, giving you time to shop your closets and pick up anything new you might want to add to your wardrobes. Shipping times can run long, so we recommend you shop early to ensure you have all your pieces in place. And - as usual - there is no need to shop at all! You likely already have all the items you need or pieces that will easily substitute. 
Excited to spend a stylish spring with you!

❤️ Kelli & Melissa
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