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So What Is a Fashion Challenge?
A fashion challenge is a fun way to reinvent your existing wardrobe and discover new pieces that will make you really love your closet! 
With a Polished Plaid Challenge, you will get:
  • a digital outfit guide that contains all of the 30+ outfit combinations for the challenge

  • a shopping list complete with shopping links to pieces you may not already have and would like to purchase

  • a list of each piece used in the challenge, along with suggested substitutions so you can switch out the piece with something you already own

  • two versions of each outfit: one casual and one that is more work-ready

  • entrance to the Polished Plaid Fashion Challenges Facebook group, filled with the kindest and most fun women online 😊
Copy of Coming December 16th! copy 2.jpg
Copy of Coming December 16th! copy.jpg
HOW DO I GET INTO THE FACEBOOK GROUP? After you purchase the challenge, search for the Polished Plaid Fashion Challenges group and request entry.
DO I NEED TO BUY ALL OF THE ITEMS USED IN THE CHALLENGE? Absolutely not! One of the best things about these challenges is using them to breathe new life into pieces you already own. Check the "switch it out" section next to each item in the outfit guide for suggestions on how to substitute different pieces you have in your closet or find an alternative that better suits your unique style.  
IS PARTICIPATION IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP REQUIRED? No, participation in the Facebook group is completely voluntary! Some of us post our outfits daily, some post occasionally, some not at all, and others stick to commenting and "liking" posts. The group is such a an amazing part of the challenge, though, so we encourage you to participate as much as you feel comfortable. You'll find it's filled with amazingly kind and supportive women!
DOES MY OUTFIT NEED TO FOLLOW THE PROMPT EXACTLY? Not at all! Please feel free to do a mash-up of the work and casual outfits - or make other substitutions to modify the daily outfit prompt. For example, if a color doesn't suit your skin tone, find a color you love! If vests aren't your thing, substitute a moto jacket! If you aren't feeling floral, go for a geometric pattern! Do whatever you need to to make your outfit feel more "YOU!" See "Flip the Prompt" in the Style Dictionary for another way to modify your outfit.
WHERE ARE THE SHOPPING LINKS? Links are posted in the Facebook group, in a pinned post at the top of the page.
WHY IS THERE SO MUCH TIME BETWEEN THE RELEASE OF THE CHALLENGE AND THE ACTUAL START DATE? Getting ready for a challenge takes some prep work! Use the time to look at the list of pieces used for the challenge and get organized. See what you already have in your closet that you can use and if you discover that you need - or want - to pick up some new things for the challenge, you will have time to go shopping. Be sure to head to the store (or your computer!) armed with the item list. The list provides information about each item that will help guide you to pick the most versatile pieces that will work in the outfit combinations. This is also a busy time in the Facebook group as members tend to share their substitutions and shopping try-ons. 
Style Dictionary:
A glossary of commonly-used terms
**still in progress 😊** 
BR: Banana Republic
DARK NEUTRAL PATTERN: any item that has a dark background and a print in a neutral color (white, black, brown, navy, beige, olive). Examples: navy floral blouse, black plaid sweater, black top with white stripes.
FLIP THE PROMPT: this is a fun way to switch up the outfit: do a flip-flop of the colors. For example, if an outfit calls for a printed top and black bottoms, try a printed skirt with a black sweater instead.
HASHTAG: We use hashtags for our daily outfits. It makes it easy to search for outfit inspiration! They can be cumbersome to type daily, so an easy trick is to copy and paste from someone else's post.
LIGHT NEUTRAL PATTERN: any item that has a light background and a print in a neutral color (white, black, brown, navy, beige, olive). Examples: ivory top with black polka dots, gray sweater with light leopard pattern, white tee with navy stripes
NAS: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (a much-anticipated event in July 😂)
OOTD: outfit of the day
ON: Old Navy
OUTER LAYER/COMPLETER PIECE: An outer piece that you layer onto a top or a dress to make the outfit feel more finished.
TTS: True to size
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